Discovery Workshop

Let Us Help You Put All the Pieces Together…

Getting clear about why your business exists will help you define clear goals and design a strategy to achieve those goals.

We can help with an initial brainstorming strategy, planning meetings and consultations. This session would help identify all the options available to projecting the core essence of your business; an upcoming project or marketing campaign; work out the team functions, the schedule to implement and the give the steps involved from start to finish.

The Discovery Workshop can be a great time to gather your staff/team together and be guided through potential ideas and development laying the foundation for great results.

In this Discovery Workshop we will:

  • Give guidance about how we build websites and online presence with some solutions customized to your needs
  • Let you know some of the tools which can be used to achieve some of your business goals online and off
  • Answer questions you may have and/or point you in the right direction
  • Discuss your competition and their online presence to better understand how you compare and develop some competitive strategies
  • Give SEO guidance about your online presence and how you rank online
  • Offer ways we can be of assistance with your website, media creation and digital marketing
  • Offer resources to aid in the strategy we’ve developed

This is a Win Win for You!

Regardless of which vendor you chose to build your site, you’ll walk away with knowledge to ensure you’re confident with the decisions you make, and leave with a little more insight as to how the process works, ensuring you’ll get not just a professional website or web presence, but one that actually helps convert your website visitors into customers.

Plus, if you decide to work with our team, we’ll credit your Discovery Workshop Payment to your project invoice.

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