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 First, Are You Ready for Growth?

Do you have your goals in place? If not, are you ready to develop those before we even get started? Projects we work on typically focus on a website re-design or a brand new website, video commercials, industrials and films. We begin by learning from you and building a relationship with you. Then we creatively brainstorm, research, plan, develop, and design a project to help broadcast your project to the masses. So you can see why we need your goal sheet filled out and ready to go before we both say, “Go”.

Third, Are You Willing to Invest?

If we’re going to work together and produce a fantastic project together, then you’re going to have to be willing to make the investment.

Businesses spends thousands of dollars every year on operating expenses such as office space and other expenditures. When it comes to the website and marketing then things can fall flat. Online presence these days needs to be your best representation for expansion and growth…and a dedication to the process.

Don’t short change yourself by going cheap. Let us help you find solutions for all kinds budgets, but at the same time be willing to invest more resources for better results.

Fifth, Are You Ready to Spend Time?

If we agree to work together, We’ll need your undivided attention. We won’t pester you, but when questions arise or we need decisions the project needs to keep moving forward so you will need to make yourself available. We can nudge, but we can’t and won’t chase down decision makers as we are collaborating efforts to keep the project on schedule.

If you agree, then we might just be right for your project. Let’s find out, by having you click on the Website Project Questionnaire link below.

If you’re not quite sure let’s book a Discovery Workshop with your team so you’ll know for sure how ready you are to build an effective and results oriented online presence.

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Second, Is Your Team in Place?

The best collaboration comes with consistent communication. Plus having a vision, developed values and a lived out mission established. Bring ALL your resources to the table on your project…including a team to help handle the load. You’ll need them and so will we. Working together will make all of us more effective and the project more successful.

If you do not have a team, let’s talk and we’ll help you build one.

Fourth, Do You Have an Audience?

Building your current audience or a new one will take lots of work using tools such as blogging, podcasting, interviews, white papers, presentations, speaking and education. Consistently broadcasting will effectively grow your online presence and develop not only an audience, but a following.

My Domain Tools is happy to help lay out an online marketing strategy and Discovery Workshop (see below) to help build an effective audience. Once this is determined, we can develop a process for capturing leads from your new website, social media and media projects.

For your project to succeed if you do not have an audience your team should be prepared to build one.

Sixth, Can Your Team Fly in the Cloud?

Opportunities abound online. We realize you need to be a part of those opportunities so we build websites that are designed to be accessed and managed in the cloud. Newbie’s are welcome. We love to train for access and simple changes.

Once you website project has launched, if your website needs on-going changes or if you want to us to continue to develop aspects of your online presence, take a look at our Website Care Plans as these plans offer a great month-to-month maintenance, support and other services that will grow your online presence. If you do not staff dedicated to your website, the care plans create an affordable solution for maintenance and growth without the need of hiring an employee.

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Meet Will,
Online Presence Mentor

Meet JesseWill is a mentor who can help navigate the journey of building your online presence. He shares insights, answers questions, and develops online strategies. If you have a question relating to building your online presence, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below and let Will be your trusted adviser.

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